Pronunciation: 'za-n&-"dü, -"dyü
Function: noun
: an idyllic, exotic, or luxurious place

From WWWebster Dictionary



Great to see you here at this time 

This site is a work in progress, sometimes the progress is very slow.

This site includes some family information, as well as proving a web presence for our company, Z Contracting Limited (another work in (slow) progress) and a site for the Tauranga Western Riding Club for which Bridget is the Newsletter Editor.

I now have weather links which you may find interesting—including live weather data from our place.

Drop in again soon, the kettle is usually on and something may even have changed, even if sometimes it takes a while for changes to be recorded!

To contact us:

Phone: Yes we have one of those.

E-mail—Neil:        woody@zanadu.co.nz


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